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Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Directors Positions

(time commitment 2-6 hours a month)

Board Member – The main focus for a board member is fundraising. This involves providing leadership for fundraising strategy and programs and participating as a donor to OCC.  It also includes serving as a fundraising ambassador and helping make connections with individuals and businesses in the community who can support OCC’s mission.  Finally, board members play a supporting role in fundraising efforts, including attending fundraising meetings, making thank you calls to donors, and attending events to meet other donors in person.

TNR Volunteers

Trappers– pick up the humane traps from the trap depot. Take traps to location where community cats will be trapped. Trap the community cats and transport to and from veterinary clinic, where cats will be spay and neutered. No experience needed OCC will train.

Recovery– after community cats are fixed they are kept in an environment that is around 70 degrees. Feed, water and change towels for each cat. 24 hours for males and 48 hours for females. Will train.

Socialize feral kittens- will train

Trap Transporter & Maintenance

Your duties will include trap preparation, pick up traps, clean and disinfect traps and deliver back to the trap depot in Boise weekly. OCC supplies everything you need, takes about 1-2 hours a week.  Operation Community Cats needs a couple volunteers for this position.  It is a lower time commitment but a very key position for our organization.

Cat Transport

You will be volunteering to transport Community cats in humane traps through the (TNR) trap-neuter-return process.  Pick up trapped cats and deliver to their spay/neuter appointments and/or pick up the cats once spay/neutered in their trap from the clinic. You will convey any instructions from the vet clinic to the recovery person. Also, you will be giving that info to the lead for that TNR project, and finally return the cats to the location where they were originally trapped.


This volunteer will collect all the towels and other wash that were used for the week to take to the laundromat and return to the trap depot. Weekly for a couple hours depending on the number of cats trapped. Funds for the laundromat provided by OCC will need a receipt from the attendant for our financials.  This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for a very scheduled and consistent job.

Cat Recovery Assistant

You will be asked to assist cats that have been spay or neutered.  Must have a safe clean location with a 70-degree temperature for the safety of the cat/ kitten. Volunteers must be available to check in to make sure the kitties do not have any problems, need more food and or water and may also need a clean towel in the bottom of their traps if they peed or pooped on it. Usually, cats recover 24 hours. You may be asked to transport the cats back to where they were originally trapped where you would release them. Releasing the cats is the best part!

Trap Depot Manager

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) trap depot storage space is desperately needed. Operation Community Cats needs a safe, clean, secure, preferably warm in winter/ cool in summer, and water accessible with enough space to safely store 60-70 (30”x 9” x 11”) humane cat traps. Trap Depot Storage Storage Space will be accessed daily by OCC volunteers and traps moved in and out by humane cat trappers.

Trap Depot Managers will volunteer for one 4 hour or more days a week. Lots of flexibility in your schedule. Operation Community Cats has 14 slots to fill and your help is needed to do so. Friends can volunteer together if they would like.

Must be a stickler for details with an ability to track who has which # of trap, date picked up and when to return.  You will be gathering a signed loan agreement and release of liability statement. Keeping orderly files for all documents is essential. You will be trained in how to use traps and at times may need to train people picking up traps how to use, OCC has videos online to show others how to trap also. OCC provides everything you will need and all training.


Experience with 501 3C organizations a plus, you must know how to use Quickbooks Online.  Estimate one to two hours per month to do entries for monthly and annual financials.  Work from your home, on your device, at the end of each month. Your work will be a huge benefit for community cats in the Boise and surrounding area, and Operation Community Cats

Media Guru

Ideal applicant needs to be well versed in feral – ‘Community Cats’ or an ambition to learn. Basic understanding of taking photos and videos for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok…  You will be pioneering the social media effort for Operation Community Cats.  OCC is looking for a person, or a team of people, to increase awareness of the issues community cats encounter and how OCC is dedicated to reduce cat suffering.  Our current social media presence can be seen on Facebook at Operationcommunitycats  [We can really use your help!]

Grant Writer

Grant Writer will research prospective funders and find an organization that would be funding spay/ neuter of feral or community cats and also capital campaigns to build a spay/ neuter cat clinic. This position requires someone who has excellent research, writing, and communication skills, is self-motivated, reliable, organized, thorough and timely.

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