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Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Directors Positions

(time commitment 2-6 hours a month)

1. Board Member – The main focus for a board member is fundraising. This involves providing leadership for fundraising strategy and programs and participating as a donor to OCC.  It also includes serving as a fundraising ambassador and helping make connections with individuals and businesses in the community who can support OCC’s mission.  Finally, board members play a supporting role in fundraising efforts, including attending fundraising meetings, making thank you calls to donors, and attending events to meet other donors in person.

TNR Volunteers

1. Trappers– pick up the humane traps from the trap depot. Take traps to location where community cats will be trapped. Trap the community cats and transport to and from veterinary clinic, where cats will be spay and neutered. No experience needed OCC will train.

2. Recovery– after community cats are fixed they are kept in an environment that is around 70 degrees. Feed, water and change towels for each cat. 24 hours for males and 48 hours for females. Will train.

3. Socialize feral kittens- will train

Youth Education Program

Educators: teach 10-12 youth about dogs and cats following the App Dogs Cats and Me. Classes are an hour long once a week and taught in local libraries.

Community Cat Shelters

1. Transporters-pick up and deliver styrofoam cooler to build shelters. And/or delivery finished shelters to any of the 12 locations in Idaho that distribute shelters to people wanting them for outside cats.

2. Build Shelters– help OCC build 1,000 community cat shelters in 2020. No experience necessary, we train.

Colony caregiver

Assure all current and new community cats are spay/neutered, monitor colony for medical issues, assure colony has fresh water, food and shelter. Training available.

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